Who else wants no-risk Marketing Consulting?

If you are looking to grow your business, you need marketing.

However, as you may know marketing is typically unreliable and unpredictable. You can spend a lot of money designing and running ads, only to find that, after you've spent all that money, you don't get a single order.

I want to tell you about a different approach to marketing. One which allows you to grow your business without risk and without the need for a big marketing budget.

My name is Steve Gibson. I'm a marketing consultant in Edinburgh and I help business all over Scotland and the UK increase their profits and get more clients - guaranteed!  

That's right,  I offer guaranteed marketing consulting. That means I help you increase sales or your money back.

I have a simple, but very effective 4-step marketing approach which involves:

  1. improving your current marketing so you bring in more sales and more clients from the marketing you're already doing
  2. showing you how to get more referrals
  3. putting into place systems that increase the average profit per sale (by using up-selling, cross-selling and up-grading)
  4. taking some of the extra profits from steps 1-3 and investing in inexpensive marketing "experiments". The successful experiments are then rolled out to become additional sources of long-term profits.

As you can see, all this can be achieved without having to find a lot of money to put into your marketing.

To learn more about the approach I use as a marketing consultant, click here: Don't pay for marketing, pay for results!

Best Wishes

Steve Gibson

PS To learn about the services I offer as a marketing consultant and  my 200% guarantee, click here: learn about my marketing services

PPS If you would like regular tips and advice about marketing, you can sign up to my free marketing Gold newsletter. Click here: free marketing newsletter to find out more.

Steve Gibson Consulting, Edinburgh, Scotland 2014

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